Super Fast Broadband Update

Published: 10 June 2023

You may have received an email asking you to ‘re-pledge’ the voucher you originally pledged last March, 2022, which allows you to sign up for a fast fibre broadband contract once the fibre is in place. Please can we ask you to do so as this is a genuine request from DCMS and Openreach. As last time, we are hoping all those who pledged last March – over 350 homes - will have the patience to do so again. Without this there is a danger Openreach will not have the necessary funds to complete the project.

Openreach have encountered a major challenge getting fast fibre cable into the valley. We have no detail on what this challenge is, but it means they will not meet their self-imposed completion date of 30 June. Separately the vouchers we all pledged last March have a 12-month shelf life. Without our vouchers, the project will be underfunded.

The email you receive should come from one of the addresses below. As before, the link takes you to a site which simply asks you to confirm your details and ‘re-pledge’ your voucher. We would be very grateful if you could all ‘re-pledge’ as soon as you receive the link, so Openreach have the confidence that the necessary funding in place. I am sorry for this unnecessary hassle, but hopefully we will get there soon!