Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband Voucher Pledging

Published: 10 February 2022

Thank you to all those who have pledged already, if you are yet to do so but do want access to the new Broadband please do pledge, we really hope the project will be able to move to the next stage soon.

Please note that although Openreach have chosen to name the project The Millvale Meadows Ultrafast Community Project I can assure you that when pledging, this is the correct Milland project!

Pledging your voucher takes a couple of minutes at most and could not be easier. Simply log on to www.openreach.co.uk/connectmycommunityletter, enter your postcode and follow the instructions. You will receive an email from Openreach acknowledging your pledge immediately; and a follow-up from the government asking you to validate your voucher. The sooner we all pledge, the sooner work can start. The ‘offer’ is open for 3 months but we very much hope enough of us will have pledged our vouchers well before then.

The very slow broadband speeds many of us currently experience does make life difficult. Ultrafast full fibre guarantees a much faster, more reliable broadband connection. We will all be able to connect multiple devices with no buffering, allowing us to surf, shop, work, teach, watch, game … without our connection slowing down or dropping completely.

When the new network is in place in about a year, everyone who has pledged has to subscribe to a fast broadband service, at least twice their current download speed. Costs of full fibre broadband contract have been dropping for some time: Virgin Media currently offer an average 103 Mbps for £27.99 pm, TalkTalk offer average 67 Mbps for £20 pm, but it is impossible to say what a monthly subscription cost may be next year.

You will probably have lots of questions – please ask away and we will do our best to answer.

 BT Openreach Leaflet